Hello world!

Hello world!

A new year, a new site… I nuked all the old posts and content and have decided to start anew. It seemed appropriate that this first default post by WordPress is called Hello World, as I’m tackling the fun task of teaching myself C++, at least for now. I might switch gears into C#, but for now I’m having fun and it serves a purpose.

So with that in mind, hopefully I’ll post a little more regularly, and I’m going to attempt to switch the blog to be a little more tech oriented and geared towards my little projects. Namely taking a stab at some indie dev solo, while still working myself within the games industry. No shortage of things to learn, but it should prove to be fun, and at the very least interesting and valuable to what I already do for a living!

I’ll eventually evolve the look, but for now, this is clean and works. More to come!

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IT by day, 3D Artist and Indie Game Dev in Training by night!

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