Dude, Where’s my Geo?

Dude, Where’s my Geo?

So I finally started to work on my UV’s after fixing yet some more geometry issues (the same one I’m writing about now) which involved reverting to an older file and then moving forward. Tonight I came back to start working on the UV’s for the decals on the main body after getting the roughed in ones for my top cowl and low and behold, the cowl was missing, just a couple of floating screws floating above the body. Once again the script editor to the rescue, after taking a look at what it was complaining about when I opened up the file, I saw that it was something to do with the Unfold. Although what I’m not really sure still, I tired a couple things to fix it, first I deleted some history I noticed handing around, and reloading the file. No error this time, but also still no geometry, and nothing would bring it back. Reassigning a new shader didn’t help, it wasn’t hidden, I’m just baffled on this aspect still.

What I was able to discern though is that the history was the problem as there was no complaint on that reload of my file. OK, I still have Maya 2016 installed (I have been doing all this work in Maya 2016 Extension 2) so into Maya 2016 with the original file I go. Low and behold there is no error this time, and my cowl is there and intact! Alright, blow away the history on the object, save a new file, back over to Maya 2016 Ext 2, load up the file….. AND BOOM COWL IS THERE WITH UV’S! I know in the past Maya and history have been issues but you’d think after 10 years (last time I semi seriously touched Maya) that would have been resolved, clearly not. Lesson here, after I get my unfolding done, nuke that history from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure!

Look ma, my cowl came back!

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