Maya 2016 Ext. 2 Bonus Tools Error

Maya 2016 Ext. 2 Bonus Tools Error

So I have taken a break from coding for a while, just not in the frame of mind right now to concentrate on it, plus work has a habit of getting in the way, but I have been getting back into 3D. I find it a much easier subject to absorb right now, and with distractions at work, it’s easy to walk away and come back to without blanking on what I was working on. That being said I’ve been using Maya as we’ve got a nice big network license here at work that makes working and learning easy, I’ll do a post once I finish my first little project but first a problem I ran into with the Bonus Tools for Maya and Ext 2.

The bonus tools have been around quite a while, and work no problem with Maya 2016 but they have made some significant changes in Maya 2016 Extension 2 to some of the built in tools, this includes the Unfold3D method when you are sorting your UV’s. The problem I encountered is with the Bonus Tools => UV Editing => Auto Unwrap UVs Tool after creating my borders and continuing the tool would error and not do the unfold.

A quick look at the script editor showed the problem existed on line 970 of the bt_autoUnwrapUVTool.mel file so in I go to take a look. The problem is with the name it is calling to do the unfold3d function, it has changed from Unfold3D in 2016 to u3dUnfold in Extension 2. The fix is simple, just navigate to C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\MayaBonusTools\Contents\scripts-2016 and swap out Unfold3D -u on lines 680, 970, 973, 978, and 983 with u3dUnfold. Don’t forget to remove the trailing -u after the command name or you will still get an error. This should get your tool up and running and you will be back off to the UV races once again.

A quick search will verify that you don’t have any more instances of the command to worry about, but I believe it is just those 5 lines. Unfold3D will pop up more, but it won’t be the actual command just comments, and options. There may be other issues, but this allowed me to use the tool without any further problems.

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