This is the second project we did under Hope This Works Games, the game is a old school twitch platformer. The difficulty ramps up pretty quick, we actually just had this released on the PSN Vita store and 3DS in Japan. Should be coming to North American stores pretty soon. We no longer sell it […]

My First Indie Dev Project

This is Kunundrum the first project I did with some friends, for iOS and Android a few years ago. It is just a simple puzzler that we ended up making 300 levels for. It was pretty fun and well received, would be nice if I ever make something like this again though to come up […]

Really Old Work

So this is a bit of an example I suppose you could say of where I started out. Briefly when I first got into studio IT I had a few opportunities to do a little freelancing at the studio I was working at as well as some small Indie Film work. This is the result [...]

RC Buggy WIP

Just a small work in progress rotation of the RC Buggy so far.  More to come, just not enough hours in the day to do everything I want and need to do.

UV Work Has Begun

The beginnings of my UV work, I have restarted this a few times now though as I've run into issues with my geo moving along. It's all a learning process at this time, and I'm having fun doing it, so I don't mind. Although I think I might actually have something wrong with me considering [...]

RC Buggy Rotation

Simple rotation of my more or less finished model, there are still UV's to be done, Substance Designer and Painter to be learned, lots more to come stay tuned!

Tire Rotation

Just a simple rotation so you can see the assembled wheel and tire.  Tire was originally a NURBS surface along with the knobbies but that has since been converted to Polys.  I'll update with a better video when I have a little more time.